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Our country is in deep trouble and our politicians are making things worse. It's time for bold new leadership to fix America.


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Why Kotlikoff in 2012?

Our country's problems are severe and getting worse. No candidate has all the answers. But the problems we face are primarily economic ones and may be better addressed by someone who has spent his life focused on our economic problems and their solutions. No economist has, to my knowledge, ever run for President. In recent years, we've had a nuclear engineer, an actor, two businessmen, and two lawyers. In their hands, the economy has done very poorly on a number of critical dimensions. In particular, none has come to grips with the country's long-term fiscal insolvency.

We've also been very badly served by the two parties' primary concern -- obtaining and maintaining power. This may work for them, but it's certainly not working for us. It's time to elect someone with fresh, bold ideas that will appeal to all segments of society -- someone with the courage to both articulate and implement what's really needed to fix America.